2011 IOTA Provisional Results

The results for the 2011 IOTA contest have been released.

GM2T was placed 6th in the Island Expedition section.

Although our score was a little lower than last year this still represents a fantastic achievement for the team.








  1. Also would like to announce that GM4W op. GM0NTL was 2nd in SO, SSB,24hr, Ass, Low Pwr section. A struggle as always in Iota especially at age 74 🙂

    Ron NTL

  2. it is still a fantastic achievement and nice to see 2 GM’s in the top 10 again. However, it does prove that the multiplier is king in this contest and that is what we have to strive for this year. Well done to all


  3. Ron,

    Well done with your result…. a great achievement…..

    Agree whole heartily on your comments…..

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