2019 VHF FIELD DAY – Saturday 6th July 14:00UTC to Sunday 7th July 14:00UTC

Hi All,
John MM0CCC and probably Gordon MM0GPZ are going to do a token entry and if you can make it to the site to help, operate or visit they will be most grateful. Regard a full blown club event it is not happening this year but look out for further emails in the near future on the organisation for 2020.

Below is from John MM0CCC

I’m going to do a low key entry for VHFFD from Lauder Common.(Lauder to Stow road – Site closer to Stow) I only have a SWB transit on hire. It will be limited space-wise so my plan is to put up shorter mast(s) and stick to 6m Saturday and either 2m or 4m Sunday. Gordon might come along and do 70cms, so I’ve put him down for that band. Will be a squeeze.

As said before helpers, operators and visitors are very welcome… If you haven’t seen VHF in operation or a VHF Set-up it is well worth a visit.

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