2020 Blackpool Rally Trip – Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April 2020

For a few years a group of us have gone down to the Blackpool Rally so are you interested in joining us? I have tried to put everything about what needs to happen below and apologies if I have missed anything. Rally is on Sunday 26th April 2020

Plan normally is as follows:
• Leave on Saturday 25th April mid-morning to arrive at the hotel that will have been booked
• On arrival have a couple of beers and lunch and a relaxing afternoon.
• In the evening try and find a nice restaurant and go for a meal.
• Then head for a few more beers before retiring to bed.
• On the Sunday have breakfast and check out the hotel.
• Head for the rally at the Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool

• Rooms booked are normally TWIN rooms to share the cost.
• Cost for the room split by the two occupants
• If we use a Premier Inn (will most likely go for this as we know what you get!!) you have a choice of a Full Breakfast, Continental breakfast or none at all.
• 2019 prices worked out at £50.50 each (Total room cost was £101 a night)
o Full Breakfast is an extra £9.50 on top of the room cost
o Continental Breakfast is an extra £7.50 on top of the room
o From previous years if it is a group booking then they require a deposit to be paid so if that is the case I would require your share of the deposit.
• Once a hotel is booked will look for a deposit or full money to confirm your commitment
o Note it can be cheaper if the whole bill is paid at the time of the booking but that means that I need ALL your money from everyone upfront. If you back out then your money is lost
o Personally, I prefer the total flexible booking which allows changes to be made up to 13:00 on the day of arrival

Other requirements
• Beer money
• Evening meal and any other food money
• Money for the rally.

If you wish to go can you let me know by the 20th January so that a hotel can be booked. A no response from you means a NO and that includes responses after the 20th January.
Believe you me it can sometimes be very difficult to book a hotel when there is a group of people. As an example last year I booked on the 27th January and I really, really struggled then.

Please respond to
Bob.gm4uyz@talktalk.net or send a text to 07795100164 or even a message via messenger with the following information. I am working on booking a Premier Inn…..

Going: YES or NO
What is your choice from below?

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