2020 Construction night 20th March 2020 1900 to 2100

Friday 20th March 2020 – 19:00 to 21:00
Port Seton Community Centre (Resources Room 1)

It is our annual construction night which is being held above. Cephas and I have been pondering on what construction project we could undertake in the time period allocated. We both agree that it can’t be complex, but it needs to be a bit of fun but instructional as well. This year we have decided to go for the following kit from Quasar electronics:


A little bit about the kit….
This Oscillator Building Blocks educational electronic kit is a must for every beginner and ideal for the classroom. The kit teaches how to build, understand and experiment with various types of oscillators – monostable, astable and bistable (flip-flop) multivibrators. These basic building blocks are used everywhere in modern electronics.
LED’s are used to show how all three circuits function. Component values can be altered to see the effect.
New improved version includes solder pins for Reset, Set and Trigger and wire for test leads.

I have ordered 10 kits which has cost £59.52 (call it £60 which makes it a simple £6/kit).
The cost for the evening will be the Kit Cost (£6) + Room Hire (£2) = £8

Soldering bolts and digital soldering station, you get almost everything you need to solder just about any kind of electronics around the house, and even better, none of the stuff included is junk.

Do you want a kit reserved for you for the evening?
If so can you email at bob.gm4uyz@talktalk.net and I will put one aside
Even if you don’t want to build then your support will be greatly appreciated on helping others.

HOPE YOU WILL TAKE PART AND ATTEND THE EVENING these events are put on for you………


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