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Sep 21

George Burt GM3OXX – Silent Key

I received an email today to say that George passed away on the 20th September

Many people will have heard of George as he was infamous with regard to the skills of QRP. His radio building skills were second to none. I once attended an event many years ago who George had his “Homebrew” kit on display. You would have thought it had all been commercially made.

I had the honour of meeting George on a few occasions and he was a pure gentleman through and through.

RIP George the world of Amateur Radio will miss you



Sep 17

DF NIGHT — Friday 22nd September – This Friday

Meet @ 18:30 for 19:00 start at the Car Park opposite the Dragon Way Chinese Restaurant, Port Seton
Cost: £2.00 per person for Club Funds
Map of Hunt Area is provided plus rules. Can also be found on the club website under downloads.
This is our second DF Night of 2017 around the county of East Lothian. The “fox”, this time GM1PLY no doubt
will find a good hiding place and then he will transmits for 30 secs every 5 minutes starting at 19:00.
The DF Hunt finishes at 20:45 where we retire to the Thorntree Inn for the DF Hunt debrief.
Easy to find… I can assure you it is not; East Lothian throws up some strange radio transmissions which
can send you on a wild goose chase….
So do you want an evening of good fun well come along and join in. I hope you all will do

Aug 29

Club Night on Friday Night – 1st September 2017 19:00 > Late

REMEMBER it is club night on Friday 1st September at the usual place. It is the NINETH of 2017 so hope you can all make a massive effort to make this a bumper club attendance. It will be fantastic to see you all, regulars, new faces and those who have not been for a while at club night and show that you are still supporting our great club
Thorntree INN, (Lounge Bar), High Street, Cockenzie, Port Seton. From 19:00 till late
We are now into a new club financial year (runs from January to December) and if you would like to donate towards the clubs running costs, which is £24 a year then there are different ways to do it.
• Pay via the Paypal Link on the club website (If paying this way the make it £25 to cover the Paypal costs thanks
• Donation of £2 at every club night
• Donation at any time.
Many thanks in advance for supporting the club it is so much appreciated +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Aug 25


Yes, I can’t believe that I am thinking about and organising our Christmas Night out and it is still August as I write this. After discussions with quite a few people it was suggested the Ravelston Hotel in Musselburgh (Fisherrow) as a venue so to that end I have booked a reservation for 30 people. The advantage is that it is central for everyone and it is right on the major bus routes.

Now the criteria….

Venue: Ravelston House Hotel
Address: 182 North High Street, Musselburgh EH21 6BH
Telephone No: 0131 665 2478

Date of Meal: Saturday 9th December 2017
Time: 19:00
Location: Main Restaurant

Meal Type: Christmas Menu

Are you going —– YES or NO
(Can you respond to me at whichever way you decide)
If YES then I need from you the following:
· How many are going 1 or 2 or how many?
· First Names
· DEPOSIT of £10/HEAD as I need to pay this to the hotel by the 6th November
· The full amount needs to be paid by the 1st December as I need to pay the hotel on the 2nd December

Payment methods
· CHEQUE made payable to Robert Glasgow
· Bank Transfer
o Send me an email and I will give you the account information

It is important that you let me know your decision as soon as you can plus help me get the money in as I just hate chasing people. Thanks in advance for all your help here.

Aug 15

International Lighthouses & Lightships on the air weekend GB2LBN

CPSARC will be taking part in this event over the weekend of the 19th August from Barns Ness Lighthouse to the east of Dunbar.
We will be using the callsign GB2LBN. I want to stress that this is not a contest, it’s a special event station which is much more relaxed in its operation and we use this event as a wee social event as much as anything else.
We plan to arrive on site at approximately 12:00 on Friday 18th to start building the station. This will comprise of 2 radios, network, 1 x 3 element triband Yagi at 60 feet on the trailer mast and a sloping dipole for 40m. There’s always lots to do when the station is being built so any help is appreciated. We plan to be on the air for a few hours on Friday afternoon into the evening.
Friday evening is always a relaxed affair and traditionally, we have some Pizza from Umbertos in Dunbar and a few Babychams to relax.
Saturday morning and we would like both radios to be busy all day. There is usually a pile up on whichever bands we choose to operate on, 10, 15, 20m and 40m. The pile up is easy to work as it is us that people want to speak to so we can take things at our own pace.
Special events are great for people to operate especially if they are restricted to a conservative station at home, it’s nice to have a Yagi in the sky and a bit of “coal on the fire” when you’re transmitting.
The radios will be available to use from 7am on Saturday morning till we close down at 15:30 local time on the Sunday. It would be great if both stations were manned for the entire time but it doesn’t really matter if they’re not.
Everyone is welcome to visit the station whether it be to help build, operate or just to visit. Anyone with a licence is welcome to operate the station, those who are a bit nervous will be given encouragement and tuition if required. If you are reading this, you have an interest in radio, even if you don’t have a licence yet, you’re welcome to visit and see what it’s all about, we welcome that.

Aug 04




Bring along your own “junk” and sell it yourself. Tables on a First Come, First Served Basis
Time: 1800 till 2100
(Note: Times due to Community Centre new times)

Cockenzie & Port Seton Community Centre (Main Hall)
South Seton Park,
Port Seton
EH32 0EE

Disabled access available
Raffle @ 20:30, Food & Drink Available

If any one would like to donate any prizes for the raffle or food towards the catering it will be more than appreciated.