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March Newsletter

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Pat Hawker G3VA Silent Key









Radio amateurs around the world will be saddened to learn of the death of Pat Hawker MBE, G3VA, on 21 February 2013. He was 90 years old.

Pat was first licensed in 1936 as 2BUH, becoming G3VA in 1938. He was a Secret Listener during WWII and a Technical Information Officer with the IBA after the war.

He was best known in Amateur Radio circles for hisRadCom series and books Technical Topics.Amateur radio has lost one of its legends


PW QRP Certificate

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Congratulations to Robin MM0VTV, Cambell MM0DXC and Bob GM4UYZ for being the leading Scottish station in the 2012 PW QRP Contest

February Newsletter

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January Newsletter

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Intermediate Passes

CPSARC 2012 Dec Int Lic Passes

Stewart MM6SMN, Ross MM6RCO, David MM6CFF, Taner MM6WHY, Eleonore MM6SHE, Bob GM4UYZ (Instructor), Gary MM0FZV (Lead Invigilator) and Cephas MM0INS (Invigilator)