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December Newsletter

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November Newsletter

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September Newsletter

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GB2LBN Lighthouses Weekend

Photos are now in the gallery

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BT People Award

I’m delighted to announce that the club has been awarded another grant under the BT People Awards scheme thanks to the application by John Innes MM0JXI

This year we have been awarded £217 for club funds.

The club has previously received grants totaling £1210 from this scheme which has made a big difference to our funding.

The BT People Awards provides a great opportunity for community groups like ours to get some additional help which can make a huge difference. This grant will have a big impact on our on-going costs for insurance and storing our towers etc.

It is very positive that BT recognizes the voluntary work of its people and supports local community activities in this way.


IOTA Photos

Photos from the iOTA 2012 Expedition are now in the gallery.

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