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April Newsletter

Elements 202104 (1.4 MB, 21 downloads)

SPDX Contest this weekend

This is a fun contest to enter, not as manic as the CQWPX for instance.

Have a go, even for an hour or two over the weekend and submit your log, I did and got a certificate for #1 in Scotland 😂

Times are from 1500 UTC Saturday 3rd April to 1459 UTC Sunday 4th

Remember to adjust for BST now



Antenna Length Calculator

We all know how much Bob likes a spreadsheet, so here’s one that may be of interest to the club.

I have encountered the problems of trying to adjust antennas to the resonant frequency,

I decided to apply my maths skills and have come up with the attached.

Basically, you enter a number of values for;

Target Frequency

Frequency you want to be resonant at and if your antenna is ¼, ½ or whatever

You then take some vswr readings, and from there, it calculates the amount you need to increase, or decrease the antenna length.

Keith MM0KTC

Antenna Length Calc (10.4 KB) 10 Downloads

Newsletter March 2021


Elements 202103 (672.5 KB, 41 downloads)

Newsletter February 2021


Download the PDF here to read offline

Newsletter January 2021


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