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Special Operatives Executive Radio Operations talk

Thought some club members might be interested in a presentation on “S.O.E. Radio Operations in WWII” by Bob McFarlane, ably assisted by Andre Saunders GM3VLB and XYL Veronica.

It will be held at the Museum of Communication, Burntisland at 7:30pm on Wed. 24th September 2014 and may be the last time you will have the opportunity to hear his story from a surviving S.O.E. veteran.

You will also be able to visit the 2014 MoC WWI exhibition “From Flags to Flanders Fields”.

FT 817 spare antenna


operating from a high and windy hill at the weekend, a small kit bag with the whip antenna for my FT817 blew away (plus a couple of leads).  I was going to make up a temporary antenna with a piece of copper wire and have tried to calculate the resonant length for 145.500MHz.  At the risk of embarrassing myself 17cm is what I have come down too.  Any suggestions on the correct length (I can trim with the SWR meter) or on a home brew replacement design.  Lightweight preferably.