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SPDX Contest this weekend

This is a fun contest to enter, not as manic as the CQWPX for instance.

Have a go, even for an hour or two over the weekend and submit your log, I did and got a certificate for #1 in Scotland 😂

Times are from 1500 UTC Saturday 3rd April to 1459 UTC Sunday 4th

Remember to adjust for BST now



Left Handed Capacitor Trophy

Back in 2009, we ran a challenge as part of our 25 Years Club Anniversary. As part of this challenge, The Left Handed Capacitor Trophy in memory of Vic GM4GGF was awarded to the winner of the Foundation Licence holder with the “most Distant QSO”. Martyn MM3XXW, now MM0XXW won this.
Another challenge where the trophy could be once more presented, but this time on an annual basis was created in 2011. The idea from thanks Cambell MM0DXC, is to present it to the person who has been licensed for up to one year, and makes the greatest number of QSO’s during our Club Radio Events. The aim is to encourage newer operators to operate and help overcome any microphone hesitancy.









Year Winner Call Sign Comments Training Year
2009 Martyn Whyte MM0XXW/2M0XXW/MM3XXW Winner 25 Year Challenge N/A
2011 Paul Rice MM0VPR/2M0CEX/MM6ANB NEWBIE: Greatest QSO’s Made in Club Events 2010/2011
2012 Cephas Alexander Ralph MM0INS/2M0INS/MM6INS NEWBIE: Greatest QSO’s Made in Club Events 2011/2012
2013 Taner Sener MM0SEN/2M0SEN/MM6WHY NEWBIE: Greatest QSO’s Made in Club Events 2012/2013
2014 Billy Lawson MM6YLA/2M0WLA/MM0MLD NEWBIE: Greatest QSO’s Made in Club Events 2013/2014
2015 No Winners 2014/2015
2016 Tommy Gallagher MM6FXP/2M0EGH NEWBIE: Greatest QSO’s Made in Club Events 2015/2016
2017 Timothy Clark MM6VZT/2M0LEJ/MM0VTO NEWBIE: Greatest QSO’s Made in Club Events 2016/2017
2018 Craig Snedden MM6KLQ/2M0NBW/MM0NBW NEWBIE: Greatest QSO’s Made in Club Events 2017/2018
2019 Andrew Brodie MM6PMQ NEWBIE: Greatest QSO’s Made in Club Events 2018/2019
2020 NEWBIE: Greatest QSO’s Made in Club Events 2019/2020

CQWW SSB 2019 Certificate

RSGB IOTA Contest 2018

A team from CPSARC are travelling to Tiree (EU008) tonight to take part in the RSGB Islands on the Air Contest (IOTA) which runs from 12:00 GMT Saturday 28 July to 12:00 GMT Sunday 29 July.

Please listen out for GM2T in the contest, we go to a great deal of effort to put a world class contest station on the Island for this contest and have steadily improved over the last 20 years to the point we won our section in 2016 and came second in 2017.

We expect to work in the region of 3500 contacts over the 24 hours, that’s 3 a minute, every minute!

The exchange is ’59 serial number IOTA reference’ eg ’59 001 EU005′

Serial number starts from 001 and increments for each contact you make

The IOTA Reference for the UK mainland is EU005

Please make the effort to listen out for GM2T and work us if you can, we’ll have two stations running throughout the contest, one on SSB and one on CW on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m so there’s 10 opportunities to work us!


The provisional results are out and this year we were 2nd in the world in the Multi-2 category.
We were beaten by GM7V

Overall in the world taking all categories into account we ended up 5th.

A great effort by all who took part









CQWW SSB 28 29 Oct

October brings the CQWW SSB Contest from Barns Ness Lighthouse. 01:00 28th – 24:00 29th.
The whole weekend begins on Thursday 26th afternoon as that is when we begin to load the vans and towers. The work starts in earnest at first light on Friday 27th and this is when we will begin building the stations.

The contest starts at 1am on Saturday morning and runs for 48 Hours. We require 2 stations at GM2T to me manned at all times.
The station will be dismantled at first light on Monday 30th, transported and all equipment stowed. This is usually completed by 3pm.
What can you do for your club ? Well, you can help with all of the above. It really is a massive effort and the more people that help, the easier it is for all. This really is an excellent opportunity to do and learn so much from antenna building / erection to operating a large world class station. If you are a bit mic shy, this is ideal for getting over that as the contest exchange is very simple.

There will be a core of people there for the entire duration so if people could please come and help us as these core of people will get very little sleep and will be tired. It really doesn’t matter what you come to do, whether it is to build, operate, make tea or just visit. All of these are greatly appreciated. After all this is a club event, come and support it. Please let me (Cambell MM0DXC) know your intentions as it really helps us arrange programmed rest time for the core team.

See you there.