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2019 March Club Night Friday 1st March 19:00 to late

REMEMBER it is club night on Friday 1st March at the usual place. It is the THIRD of 2019 so hope you can all make a massive effort to make this a bumper club attendance. It will be fantastic to see you all, regulars, new faces and those who have not been for a while at club night and show that you are still supporting our great club
Thorntree INN, (Lounge Bar),
High Street, Cockenzie, Port Seton. EH32 0DQ
From 19:00 till late
Our Club financial year (runs from January to December) and if you would like to donate towards the clubs running costs, which is £24 a year then there are different ways to do it.
• Pay via the Paypal Link on the club website (If paying this way then make it £25 to cover the Paypal costs, thanks
• Donation of £2 at every club night
• Donation at any time.
Many thanks in advance for supporting the club it is so much appreciated

CONSTRUCTION NIGHT Friday: 15th March 2019 19:00 to 21:00

Following on from successful nights over the past few years the club intends to hold another Construction Night in 2019.

It’s always difficult to choose a project which can appeal to experienced and novice builders so this year we are giving those who come along a choice.

For those who are not so confident with the soldering iron we have bought some fairly simple digital clock kits. Building those should be within the capabilities of everyone. .There are only a few components.

Those choosing the digital clock kit will be charged £2.00.

For the more experienced constructors we have a variable power supply kit with a digital voltage display. I have one of these and it is great for powering low voltage projects etc. This has a few more components and an acrylic case to keep your hands clear of the mains voltages.

The price of the power supply kit is £8.00.

There are plenty of both kits so you can choose on the night. If you want to buy another kit to build at home that’s possible too. The specifications of both kits can be found on Ebay.

All the tools and equipment needed will be supplied by the club as will tea, coffee and biscuits so please come along and give construction a go.

Those who’ve come along in previous years will tell you it’s a really good night and there will be plenty of experienced members there to help with anything you are unsure of.

The venue will be the usual community centre and a contribution towards the room hire will be £2.

As space and equipment is limited please your interest by emailing me at and I will add you to the list.

Radio Test Night

RADIO CHECK NIGHT -19:00 to 21:00 FRIDAY 15th FEBRUARY 2019

Venue: Port Seton Resource Centre (Resources Room 1)
South Seton Park,
Port Seton
EH32 0BQ
Have you ever wondered how “on frequency” your radio is? Have you ever wondered if its deaf? Well, now is your chance to find out. Come along to this event and let John (MM0JXI) check your radio out. It’s very interesting to watch and can put a lot of fears you may have either to bed or confirm them. Typically, bring your £2 to help pay for the room hire. Don’t forget to bring a radio with microphone and power leads. See you there!!

2019 FEBRUARY ACTIVITY WEEK 10th to 16th February

(1) Date – ANY DAY BETWEEN THE 10th FEBRUARY and the 16th FEBRUARY
(2) Time 00:00 to 23:59 Local Time
(3) Modes SSB /FM / CW/ AM/ Data
(4) Bands 1.8, 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28, 50, 70, 144, 432 & 1296MHz
(5) Power As per your licence
Full=400W, Intermediate=50W and Foundation=10W
(6) Your Locator World Wide Locator (WWL) i.e. IO85MX
(7) Eligible Entrants Open to anyone who wishes to take part
(8) Transmit Exchange Report (RST)
(9) Receive Exchange Report plus Contacts WWL
(10) Closing Date for the Logs is Wednesday, 20th FEBRUARY 2019
(11) Blank Log Sheet can be downloaded from Club “2019-Activity-Day-Logsheet-V1.8”
**Note it is not mandatory, but it helps me, THANKS **
(12) Return Logs to Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ,
7 Castle Terrace,
Port Seton,
East Lothian,
EH32 0EE
(13) QSO’s not Eligible Any HF/VHF/UHF QSO’s via a repeater do not count
(14) Full Rules can be found at in file “2019 New Monthly Activity Day Rules.docx
The aim of the event is to get on the air and work as many stations that you can in the allotted time period plus at the same time have some fun. As previous it offers more flexibility and allows you to choose what day you can operate on during the chosen week.
NOTE: FORMAT FOR 2019 is the same as 2018

Newsletter February 2019

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