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2019 JUNE CLUB NIGHT – FRIDAY 7th JUNE 19:00 to Late

REMEMBER it is club night on Friday 7th June at the usual place. It is the SIXTH of 2019 so hope you can all make a massive effort to make this a bumper club attendance. It will be fantastic to see you all, regulars, new faces and those who have not been for a while at club night and show that you are still supporting our great club
Thorntree INN, (Lounge Bar),
High Street, Cockenzie, Port Seton. EH32 0DQ
From 19:00 till late
Our Club financial year (runs from January to December) and if you would like to donate towards the clubs running costs, which is £24 a year then there are different ways to do it.
• Pay via the Paypal Link on the club website (If paying this way then make it £25 to cover the Paypal costs, thanks


Although the current UK amateur licence is known as a “Licence for Life”, all radio amateurs are required to revalidate their licence at least every five years. The means every licence holder must contact Ofcom to confirm or update the details on the licence database. The quickest way to revalidate is simply to access the licensing system and confirm or re-confirm your details online via the Ofcom website, or by email to Links to the Ofcom website as well as a helpful article about the Licensing Portal, Registration and Revalidation can be found on the RSGB website at

2018 Club of the Year Regional winners

At the 92nd RSGB AGM, held in Birmingham on Saturday 27 April 2019, the winners of the 2018 Club of the Year were announced.

11 of the 13 Regions had entries submitted.

This year there were several changes to the format of the Club of the Year competition designed to increase the number of applicants and the applicability of the questions to a wider range of Clubs, Special Interest Groups and newer forms of Clubs such as on-line associations.

Chief amongst the changes were:
The removal of the Small Club/Large Club distinction. All clubs, groups, loose associations, special interest groups, etc. now compete on a single level playing field
A change to the focus of Club of the Year wherein each submission could choose to demonstrate actions, progress or support for any 3 of the 8 RSGB Strategy 2022 Objectives

2018 Regional Winners
Region Area Winners
1 Scotland South and Western Isles Cockenzie and Port Seton Amateur Radio Club
2 Scotland North and Northern Isles No entries received
3 England North-West Chester and District Radio Society
4 England North-East Denby Dale Amateur Radio Society
5 England West Midlands Telford and District Amateur Radio Society
6 North Wales No entries received
7 South Wales Aberystwyth Radio Club
8 Northern Ireland Bush Valley Amateur Radio Club
9 London and Thames Valley Newbury and District Amateur Radio Society
10 England South and South-East Hilderstone Radio Society
11 England South-West and Channel Islands South Bristol Amateur Radio Club
12 England East and East Anglia Essex Ham Amateur Radio Team
13 England East Midlands Worksop Amateur Radio Society

This marks another success and great honour for the Cockenzie & Port Seton Amateur Radio Club for finishing as Regional winners in 2010, 201, 2013, 2015. 2016, 2017 and now 2018. So, well done to everyone for making the radio club what it is as without you all it would never happen.

Announcements of the National Finalists will be made in due course with awards being made at the National Hamfest at Newark in September 2019.

DF NIGHT this FRIDAY 10th MAY 2019

Meet @ 18:30 for 19:00 start at the CAR PARK at the SEAFRONT (Where the old Pond Hall was). When travelling from the west turn 1st LEFT past the Garage & Dentist and drive to the bottom of the road (about 200 yards)
Cost: £2.00 per person for Club Funds
Map of Hunt Area is provided plus rules. Can also be found on the club website under downloads and in the May 2019 Newsletter
This is our first DF Night of 2019 around the county of East Lothian. The “fox”, this time is Ricky GM1PLY  and no doubt will find a good hiding place and then he will transmit for 30 secs every 5 minutes starting at 19:00. The DF Hunt finishes at 20:45 where we retire to the Thorntree Inn for the DF Hunt debrief.
Easy to find…? I can assure you it is not; East Lothian throws up some strange radio transmissions which can send you on a wild goose chase….
So, do you want an evening of good fun well come along and join in. I hope you all will do.

ACTIVITY Day between Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th MAY

(1) Date – ANY DAY BETWEEN THE 5th MAY and the 11th MAY
(2) Time 00:00 to 23:59 Local Time
(3) Modes SSB /FM / CW/ AM/ Data
(4) Bands 1.8, 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28, 50, 70, 144, 432 & 1296MHz
(5) Power As per your licence
Full=400W, Intermediate=50W and Foundation=10W
(6) Your Locator World Wide Locator (WWL) i.e. IO85MX
(7) Eligible Entrants Open to anyone who wishes to take part
(8) Transmit Exchange Report (RST)
(9) Receive Exchange Report plus Contacts WWL
(10) Closing Date for the Logs is Wednesday, 15th MAY 2019
(11) Blank Log Sheet can be downloaded from Club “2019-Activity-Day-Logsheet-V1.8”
**Note it is not mandatory, but it helps me, THANKS **
(12) Return Logs to Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ,
7 Castle Terrace,
Port Seton,
East Lothian,
EH32 0EE
(13) QSO’s not Eligible Any HF/VHF/UHF QSO’s via a repeater do not count
(14) Full Rules can be found at in file “2019 New Monthly Activity Day Rules.docx
The aim of the event is to get on the air and work as many stations that you can in the allotted time period plus at the same time have some fun. As previous it offers more flexibility and allows you to choose what day you can operate on during the chosen week.
NOTE: FORMAT FOR 2019 is the same as 2018

CQWW SSB Certificate