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Oct 13


Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond Allister GM7RYR’s control we have had to move the talk by Allister from the 20th October to the 10th November.

Bottom line is you will not be missing out on the talk as it will be 3 weeks later.

I can only apologise for the change but as said earlier it is totally out of Allister’s hands

See you all on the 10th November 2017

Resources Room 1
Port Seton Resource Centre (Community Centre)
South Seton Park,
Port Seton
EH42 0BQ

Cost £2 to help pay for the room hire and the excess into club funds

Oct 11


The provisional results are out and this year we were 2nd in the world in the Multi-2 category.
We were beaten by GM7V

Overall in the world taking all categories into account we ended up 5th.

A great effort by all who took part









Oct 06

ACTIVITY Day between Sunday 8th to Saturday 14th October

(2) Time 00:00 to 23:59 Local Time
(3) Modes SSB /FM / CW/ AM/ Data
(4) Bands 1.8, 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28, 50, 70, 144 & 432 MHz
(5) Power As per your licence
Full=400W, Intermediate=50W and Foundation=10W
(6) Your Locator World Wide Locator (WWL) i.e. IO85MX
(7) Eligible Entrants Open to anyone who wishes to take part
(8) Transmit Exchange Report (RST)
(9) Receive Exchange Report plus Contacts WWL
(10) Closing Date for the Logs is Wednesday, 18th OCTOBER 2017
(11) Blank Log Sheet (CPSARC ACTIVITY DAY LOG SHEET ENTRY FORM) can be downloaded from Club
**Note it is not mandatory but it helps me, THANKS **
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Oct 04

Club Night on Friday Night – 6th October 2017 19:00 > Late

REMEMBER it is club night on Friday 6th October at the usual place. It is the TENTH of 2017 so hope you can all make a massive effort to make this a bumper club attendance. It will be fantastic to see you all, regulars, new faces and those who have not been for a while at club night and show that you are still supporting our great club
Thorntree INN, (Lounge Bar), High Street, Cockenzie, Port Seton. From 19:00 till late
We are now into a new club financial year (runs from January to December) and if you would like to donate towards the clubs running costs, which is £24 a year then there are different ways to do it.
• Pay via the Paypal Link on the club website (If paying this way the make it £25 to cover the Paypal costs thanks
• Donation of £2 at every club night
• Donation at any time.
Many thanks in advance for supporting the club it is so much appreciated +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Oct 02

CQWW SSB 28 29 Oct

October brings the CQWW SSB Contest from Barns Ness Lighthouse. 01:00 28th – 24:00 29th.
The whole weekend begins on Thursday 26th afternoon as that is when we begin to load the vans and towers. The work starts in earnest at first light on Friday 27th and this is when we will begin building the stations.

The contest starts at 1am on Saturday morning and runs for 48 Hours. We require 2 stations at GM2T to me manned at all times.
The station will be dismantled at first light on Monday 30th, transported and all equipment stowed. This is usually completed by 3pm.
What can you do for your club ? Well, you can help with all of the above. It really is a massive effort and the more people that help, the easier it is for all. This really is an excellent opportunity to do and learn so much from antenna building / erection to operating a large world class station. If you are a bit mic shy, this is ideal for getting over that as the contest exchange is very simple.

There will be a core of people there for the entire duration so if people could please come and help us as these core of people will get very little sleep and will be tired. It really doesn’t matter what you come to do, whether it is to build, operate, make tea or just visit. All of these are greatly appreciated. After all this is a club event, come and support it. Please let me (Cambell MM0DXC) know your intentions as it really helps us arrange programmed rest time for the core team.

See you there.

Sep 21

George Burt GM3OXX – Silent Key

I received an email today to say that George passed away on the 20th September

Many people will have heard of George as he was infamous with regard to the skills of QRP. His radio building skills were second to none. I once attended an event many years ago who George had his “Homebrew” kit on display. You would have thought it had all been commercially made.

I had the honour of meeting George on a few occasions and he was a pure gentleman through and through.

RIP George the world of Amateur Radio will miss you