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Colour Newsletters

Thanks to a very kind offer by Cephas, we now have the opportunity to have the paper newsletters printed in full colour.

Anyone attending club night will get a copy.
Anyone who cannot attend can read the newsletter on-line via or download their own copy of the pdf version.


September Newsletter

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August Newsletter

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Newsletters on

I’ve now uploaded every issue of the newsletter (all 230 of them) to so you can read them all in the fantastic issuu viewer.

Alternatively, the Newsletter menu takes you to the complete archive as downloadable PDF’s


Elements 201107

[issuu width=420 height=297 showHtmlLink=false documentId=110627203538-4838816f4d5f417e8c3bc3fa3849e2d3 name=elements_201107 username=cpsarc tag=amateur%20radio unit=px id=e03c0482-77d0-26db-6369-ebfcc26fb4a5 v=2]

Elements 201106

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