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April Newsletter

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Latest Intermediate Passes












Rear and L to R: Gary Bourhill MM0FZV (assistant invigilator), Alan Salkend MM6ELV, Brian Moerman MM6AUG and Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ Course Tutor

Front and L to R: Andrew Murray MM6FES, Gordon Murray MM6MUR (Father) and Rachael Murray MM6LOM

Rachael at the age of 13.5 years is the youngest person who has studied and passed the Intermediate Course with the club

Region 1 Club of the Year 2011

I’m delighted to announce that CPSARC has been voted the RSGB Region 1 Club of the Year for the second year in a row.

We are now entered in the National Club of the Year competition.











Bob GM4UYZ being presented with the trophy by Len Paget GM0ONX RSGB Region 1 Manager



March Newsletter

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Foundation License Passes








STANDING (L to R): Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ Instructor, Colin Mossie MM6CBT, Alec Moerman MM6BMP, John Bannerman MM6???, Alan Salkeld MM6ELV, Cambell Stevenson MM0DXC Lead Invigilator

FRONT (L to R): Family Group – Rachael Murray age 13 MM6LOM, Gordon Murray MM6MUR, Andrew Murray age 15 MM6FES

February Newsletter

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