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March Newsletter

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Foundation License Passes








STANDING (L to R): Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ Instructor, Colin Mossie MM6CBT, Alec Moerman MM6BMP, John Bannerman MM6???, Alan Salkeld MM6ELV, Cambell Stevenson MM0DXC Lead Invigilator

FRONT (L to R): Family Group – Rachael Murray age 13 MM6LOM, Gordon Murray MM6MUR, Andrew Murray age 15 MM6FES

February Newsletter

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January Newsletter

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December Newsletter

Intermediate License passes

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Cephas Ralph MM6INS, Colwyn Jones MM6YCJ, Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ Instructor, Bob Purves GM4IKT Assistant Invigilator, Thomas Lincoln MM6THL and Niall Stewart MM6KLZ