CPSARC ‘Hall of Fame’ …..

Another contest, another super score …. another piece of paper for the CPSARC wall!

Can we make one, a “Wall of Fame” I mean on the website … is there a section with enough bandwidth so we can upload our certificates to the “Wall of Fame” in some sort of media format?

We’ve enough troops, top scores worth bragging about both as a team & individually, few certificates flying around ….etc

Would it be a pain to to take this forward ……. ?


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  1. Sounds a great idea Martyn…John is this feasible?

  2. I’ve made some permissions changes so everyone has access to the Gallery upload page via the dashboard or this link http://cpsarc.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=nggallery-add-gallery

    I’ve created a Wall of Fame gallery which will appear on the Gallery front page.

    To upload an image of a certificate, go to that page, choose the Wall of Fame gallery, enter your file details, remember to tick the resize box and click upload.

  3. John will this work for PDF because all my CQ wpx certs are in PDF


    1. Unfortunately the gallery will not display PDF’s, this is why the newsletter archive uses a different plugin to display the PDF collection – but that doesn’t have thumbnails etc.

      There are programs which can convert your PDF to a jpeg eg http://download.cnet.com/Office-Convert-PDF-to-JPG-JPEG-TIFF-Free/3000-10743_4-10900900.html, the free version is fine and the gallery will resize the image when uploaded.

  4. thanks John all sorted


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