CQWW SSB Contest

CPSARC will be taking part in the CQWW SSB Contest on 27 / 28 October from Barns Ness Lighthouse as GM2T.

Please support the club and try to work GM2T during the contest.


  1. Hi guys
    I hope you did well in the contest. I threw up a G5RV to work some of the DX and to my absolute joy I could hear you. It made my day unfortunately not good enough gear this end to work you. One day hopefully. All the best and I hope you did well. 73 de VK6SMK Stevie

  2. Hi Stevie,

    That was a pity… did you try to give us a call? See in the forum to what we ended up with.

  3. Had a look in as well Bob and nothing much if anything from the UK.
    Super pics and nice to see the “Auld Pharos and the boys in action.

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