DF NIGHT this FRIDAY 10th MAY 2019

Meet @ 18:30 for 19:00 start at the CAR PARK at the SEAFRONT (Where the old Pond Hall was). When travelling from the west turn 1st LEFT past the Garage & Dentist and drive to the bottom of the road (about 200 yards)
Cost: £2.00 per person for Club Funds
Map of Hunt Area is provided plus rules. Can also be found on the club website under downloads and in the May 2019 Newsletter
This is our first DF Night of 2019 around the county of East Lothian. The “fox”, this time is Ricky GM1PLY  and no doubt will find a good hiding place and then he will transmit for 30 secs every 5 minutes starting at 19:00. The DF Hunt finishes at 20:45 where we retire to the Thorntree Inn for the DF Hunt debrief.
Easy to find…? I can assure you it is not; East Lothian throws up some strange radio transmissions which can send you on a wild goose chase….
So, do you want an evening of good fun well come along and join in. I hope you all will do.

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