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A good operating guide – especially for beginners and aspiring contesters

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    Cephas MMØINS

    There’s lots of operating guides around – some of them more useful than others. Some are just rants and some are very poorly written.

    I came across this document the other day after clicking a link on someone’s QRZ page. After recently talking to a new member who was keen to get on the air but was a bit “mic shy” I thought reading this would give anyone the confidence to press the PTT knowing that they weren’t going to make a complete a**e of themselves.

    Have a look at it – it also has a section on contesting which I thought was particularly good. There are a few things that are different here in the UK but nothing that we don’t all know already.

    If it gives you a bit more confidence and gets you on the air a bit more then it’s worth a read. If you’ve seen it before or you know all there is to know then just ignore it of course.

    I’ll see if I can get John to put it in the files section (it is copyright but can be used, distributed and copied etc. for non commercial purposes so I’m sure we’re ok.)



    Chris MM0YAB

    ty cephas look forward to studying that to make sure i don’t sound anymore of a numpty than i do already on the air lol

    John MM0JXI

    I’ve uploaded a copy of the document here

    Geoff MM5AHO

    I had a read through this earlier and found it really good.
    It helped me be less angry about the really bad operating that I had encountered earlier. I was trying to work the DXpedition to Amsterdam Island, and there was deliberate QRM. Someone playing distorted unintelligible ssb in the CW portion on the DX operating freq.

    Thing is, its a good idea to get newcomers into good habits, but we also have to get oldcomers to unlearn some bad behaviour and start again.
    I thought to start a thread of silly things that people say on air. John ON4UN has mentioned some of them in the excellent article Cephas has pointed us to. But I won’t sidetrack this thread with more nonsense!

    John MM0SNK

    Wish someone would show this guide to the Spaniards who just bellowed over the top of the very faint 4&1 US station I was confirming my call sign with (on 40 metres, 50 watts) this evening. “Station beginning 2A0, please repeECHO AMERICA THREE ECHO WHISKY<repeat ad nauseum>”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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