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Construction Nights 15 and 22 February

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    The kits have all arrived and we are all set for the two nights.

    Bob has booked the room from 18:30 – 21:30 so we have a maximum of 3 hours on each night.  If anyone else wants to join in thats great and there will be plenty room but you’ll have to order your own kit – the links are in the previous thread.

    There are some practical issues which we can use this thread to keep each other updated.

    You would be well advised to have a box to keep everything together – a Quality Street tin works well and if you need a hand emplying it just let me know.

    If you want to use your own soldering iron and cutters thats fine but we will have club equipment available as well.

    I will be taking two illuminated magnifiers – (Bob IKT has already booked one.)  If you have one and can take it along please do.  A magnifying glass might be a good idea as well if you have one.

    The kits are pretty comprehensive but I’ll have a box of bits and peices in case we need hook up wire etc.

    For the Softward Defined Receiver some of the holes in the PCB need to be enlarged.  I’ve ordered a few sets of hand drills and bits for doing this.  The money came from the cash we saved on the postage from ordering the kits in bulk.

    The receiver uses a phono socket for the antenna –  if you are going to want something else then arrange that now.

    I dont think we will get on to fitting the kits into cases in the time allowed but it might be something for the quicker builders to start looking at.

    Thats it for the moment – If anything else comes to mind I’ll post it here.





    Nial MM0KPZ


    I’m sorry I didn’t make it last Friday, one of Karen’s (SWMBO) colleagues had to go home suddenly last Friday
    and she ended up having to cover their late opening. She wasn’t in ’till 8:30 so I wouldn’t have got there ’till 9:00 so didn’t think it worth it. I’ve got a friend over this weekend for the rugby so won’t be there this Friday either.

    I can’t remember if I said I’d take a kit or if I said I’d build the Rockmite I have. If I owe you money can you email…. ….and I’ll arrange payment/ collection.

    I hope all enjoyed themselves,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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