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    Cambell MM0DXC

    Yeah, nobody wants to eat that rubbish,

    Warning: If there is any salad, I’ll make sure Duncan re-plants it.

    John MM0CCC

    As already confirmed to Cambell, I will be at a wedding in Englandshire Wed/Th/Fri, and not heading back to GM until some time on Saturday. I will try to get down to the site by Saturday evening but if I´m home late, it´ll be first thing Sunday.

    Due to my lack of antenna setup and operating, feel free to put me in whenever on Sunday as hopefully I´ll be reasonably awake.

    As things stand, I believe I´m providing the 15m antenna/mast/hardware/coax. This can either be passed on to a ¨volunteer¨ to take possession off earlier in the week, or I can drop it all of at DXC QTH. If someone can take it, it can all go on roof bars if need be, with the base,clamps,ropes etc going inside a car.

    One thing I would say is whoever puts the yagi up, if at all possible, put it at 40′ rather than 30´. Quite often if we are short of time, I have put this at 30’instead of 40´. I did so last year and although the band was heaving, I did notice that the JA´s were not that strong despite several people reporting big sigs from them in the online write-ups. I can only conclude this was the lack of height affecting long-haul propagation so even a 10′ increase should help.

    See you all there. Looking forward to it.

    Paul MM0VPR

    4 weeks late as usual…

    MM0VPR – full duration


    Cambell MM0DXC

    There must be more takers for this fun event.

    CQWW SSB has to be one of the easiest contests to take part in so its great to “cut your teeth on” and there’s always space for people to have a go on a massive station. GM2T is a world class station that uses monoband antennas on all bands with the best of equipment in the shack.

    As mentioned in the original post, people are welcome to visit and have a cuppa and a tour of the station. People are also welcome to help build and disassemble the station. This is a massive task so many hands make light work and whilst there are a core of experienced station builders, people willing to help and learn are great to have. We even welcome people who come along just to make the team a cuppa or bring a packet of biscuits. These things make the team members feel that the whole club is behind them.

    So, come on guys, support your club in any way you can, we’re doing this on behalf of the whole club aswell as it being fun..


    me and chris will come on the friday and give a hand to set up

    Cambell MM0DXC

    GM4UYZ – Shack
    GM4IKT – MM0INS – 10m
    MM5AHO – MM0GZZ – 20m (with pully for 160m)
    MM0DXC – MM0VPR – 40m (with pully for 160m) + 160m
    MM0GZA – (An-Other) – 15m (on pipe mast)
    MM0VTV – 80m (dipole from lighthouse to flag pole)
    M0RNR and everybody – Cable Monkeys
    MM0KTC – Tea Based Refreshment Co ordinator
    Sean + Chris – Whatever is req’d


    hi sorry guys due to an unforseen circumstance i will have to pull out of cqww this year
    its is just not my year
    have a great time
    regards duncan


    I’ll be there for the full duration Friday to Monday.



    ll definitely be there early Friday and early Monday morning for setup and dismantling and also at times inbetween still to be confirmed.


    Cambell MM0DXC

    Aww Duncan, that’s a real shame mate. it wont be the same without you..

    Here’s the latest idea for who’s doing what based on experience and people to hand.

    GM4UYZ – Shack
    GM4IKT – MM0INS – 10m
    MM5AHO – MM6YAP – MM6DKI – 15m (on 40 foot pipe mast, to be erected using Gin Pole)
    MM0GZA – MM6DKE – 20m (with pully for 160m)
    MM0DXC – MM0VPR – 40m (with pully for 160m) + 160m
    MM0VTV – 80m (dipole from lighthouse to flag pole)
    M0RNR and everybody – Cable Monkeys
    MM0KTC – Tea Based Refreshment Co ordinator

    Cambell MM0DXC

    Guys, there will be an informal meeting on Tuesday evening from around 7:15pm in The Thorntree. Should anyone have any questions prior to the contest, Tuesday is the time to ask them.

    See most of you there.


    Alex MM3ZQX

    I will certainly be there one of the days, not sure yet which day, will be able to confirm by midweek.
    I’m happy to help out anywhere.


    Good luck in the contest.
    I am having a go at single op low power on 20m.
    Will try to work you if at all possible.

    Alex MM3ZQX

    Hi, Just to confirm that I will be there on saturday for most of the day. Cheers

    Brian M0RNR

    Hi all,

    No change to my plans 1230 to 1300 hrs ETA. really looking forward to it

    73 de M0RNR


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 45 total)
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