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    Ellis GM4GZW

    Hi Chaps.

    I find myself unexpectedly available this weekend due to the cancellation of a cub camp.

    I’m working on Friday and on Monday, so can’t help with the manual labour, but I can (and would like to!) spend some time operating.

    Is there any particular time that would be of use to you?


    Geoff MM5AHO

    All comers welcome for any time they can I think.

    But it looks like Friday and Monday will be wet weather gear days, and Friday looks like high winds – not the sort to bring down a 40m beam and tower – but certainly windy enough to take extra care in field erections!

    Pity the build phase isn’t today!

    Bob GM4UYZ

    Hi Ellis,

    No rotas set-up as yet but would say we are covered up to Saturday morning with those that are staying for the 48 hours. Suggest you come down Saturday morning after your breakfast then you can see what is available. To be honest we will work round what ever you can give us. For information it will be 2 stations running flat out over the 48 hours and operating slots are 3 hours long. Oh and mind to bring your headset

    On another tack can you personally email me as I seem to have an issue with sending you emails…. they seem to go but do not get delivered. Thanks

    Cambell MM0DXC

    Not long to go now troops……………..Dont forget your headset..

    Ellis, great that you’re coming along. Its good to have so much of the IOTA team attending, it will hopefully encourage more club members to attend / take part / visit / whatever…………


    Hi All,

    I was thinking of the effort you have gone to setting up your station and its impressive.

    I have made my final checks here in the shack and tested both antennas.
    Still dont rate a G5RV, now have a full size and its 4 S points down on the Hustler 6BTV.

    Please listen out for me as its a bucket list thing to work you from here.

    Sincere best wishes all and good luck in the contest.
    Good DX GM2T


    Geoff MM5AHO

    CQWW2013 was a little wet and very windy, but despite some setbacks a fantastic result acheived. No doubt Bob will post some interesting statistics, but meantime, here’s some photos taken during the weekend.

    Barns Ness Lighthouse has an advantage of 180 degrees outlook over seawater.
    Here’s the view from the beach at low tide.

    And the offshore wind we had during construction of antennas etc was taking the tops off the small waves coming in..

    The Lighthouse buildings area makes an ideal location for radio work. Most of the antennas are situated outside the wall.

    The views from the lighthouse are fantastic, but you have to climb 160 steps to get this view.

    Or perhaps this view…

    Once everything is setup and tested, we’re tired, but satisfied, and deserve to have a short rest before the 1am start on air. Being a Multi-2 station, only 2 of us are on duty at a time, in 3 hour shifts.

    Sometimes there are a few repairs or building jobs to do.
    This important UHF yagi needed to be designed, built, installed, and used for those of us not on duty!

    The antennas look great – while its fine weather!

    As the sunset arrives, all seems well.

    And as night falls, a clear sky makes for interesting viewing outside.

    The lighthouse at night always makes an interesting photo.

    Our neighbours just keep on working, totally ignoring us. But we’re reliant on their production. (at least some of it)

    and our hosts, who own the site, also keeping working away..

    The view from a nearby ruin.

    and so, the heat comes on, and a rip roaring start is made..

    And as many as can do, have a go at logging some of the dupes I mean contacts.

    Some like this game more than others..

    But there’s other duties as well, and all some help out at this too.

    As the contest went on, the steam from our new super dooper water cooled linear amplifier was visible emitting from the shack…

    and another night rolls in..

    The weather forecast was bad though – far worse further south, but we feared for all that aluminium in the sky, and while contemplating it all, the news came… “The 15m beam is down!”

    Some damage, but we can fix it – this team can fix anything!

    and so it comes time to take it all down and pack away.

    and the lighthouse just stands there, as it has done since 1901, wondering about the follies of man…

    and the sea continues to crash onto the rocks…

    and the whole place is back to normal for another year.


    Super pictorial Geoff and congrats to all involved this year!

    Brian M0RNR

    Brilliant pics Geoff. Great weekend all cheers for your company


    Great weekend, like the pics Geoff

    Bob GM4UYZ

    Great company, great weekend, great laughs and a great score.. Pics are as normal great Geoff…


    Thanks for a fantastic weekend, really enjoyed every aspect. Great pictures Geoff, and the comments too.



    Yep! Great stuff, thoroughly enjoyed the experience and ‘ yes ‘ amazing pics Geoff !! . I seek permission to upload one(or two) to my QRZ page.


    Geoff MM5AHO

    You’re welcome to use the pix, I think you can download them off my photobucket place.
    Note that not all the images now displayed of that event on this site are mine, but the ones in this thread are, and there’s some more in the gallery, as our talented webmaster knows all aout moving imagery about.
    I’m not sure if you can get the full resolution off photobucket or here, but if you’d like any at full scale, PM or email me and I’ll send them. They are between 7 and 10 Mb in .jpg format each, so not sensible to email dozens of them!



    I have picked a couple from here and pasted them on, they look great.. That should do for now.

    Good health and 73


    Congratulations on a new Scottish record.
    I just saw the results on line.
    Looking forward to this years and good luck guys.

    All the best,



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