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FS Elecraft K3 & P3 $1850 Icom IC-756 Pro 3

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    It comes with the following barely used set:

    original Icom IC-756 Pro 3 a fused DC power cord,
    original unused HM-36 hand microphone,
    operations manual, schematics,3 fuses, 1 ¼” plug for a CW key,
    installed UT-102 Voice Synthesizer Unit that announces frequency, mode and S meter level.
    Icom PS-125 power supply with original box, SP-21 Speakers and MFJ-392 headphones with original box
    Asking: $1250 shipped worldwide
    Phone: +1715 544 3126

    FS Elecraft K3 & P3
    Loaded K3/100 with P3 Pan adapter
    List of set:
    KAT-3F_______100 Watt Auto Tuner (internal)
    KRX3-F_______2nd RX
    KBPF3________General Coverage RX Module
    KDVR3________Digital Voice Recorder
    KTCXO3-1_____TCXO (0.5 ppm)
    KXV3A________RX Antenna, IF Out and Xverter Interface
    KUSB_________USB to Serial Converter
    KFLA3A-1.8K__1.8 kHz 8 Pole Filter (2 pieces)
    KFLA3A-2.8K__2.8 kHz 8 Pole Filter (2 pieces)
    KFLA3A-250___250 Hz 8 Pole Filter (2 pieces)
    KFLA3A-400___400 Hz 8 Pole Filter (2 pieces)
    KFLA3A-6kHz__6.0 kHz 8 Pole Filter (2 pieces)
    P3-F_________Pan adapter
    Warranty is transferable

    Asking: $1850 shipped worldwide
    Phone: +1715 544 3126

    Cephas MMØINS

    I’m not saying this is a fake advert but…..

    If you Google this person’s email address it shows this same advert (and nothing else) appearing on forums all over the world………

    A Google search on the AC6PT callsign returns a pretty blank entry on QRZ.COM – no logbook entries and one Ham to Ham recommendation in the QRZ.COM forum dated 31st July 2013 (the same date as this advert) saying he is a great guy.

    I’m sure he is a nice guy but let’s just be careful out there.

    Reynaldo – If you are a genuine seller perhaps you could com back to this forum and tell us a little about yourself. Don’t be shy my friend.

    Maybe we’ll see you in the Thorntree sometime……

    Cephas MMØINS


    A Google search of his email address including the term “spam” also uncovered an entry for this email address on a website called STOPFORUMSPAM.COM where it is listed as posting from an anonymous proxy host…..

    Come on Reynaldo tell us all about yourself and any other wonderful goodies you have for sale at bargain prices. You could take them along to our Mini Rally next Friday..

    Hope to see you there – It’s in the Cockenzie and Port Seaton Community Centre – Turn right at the church then left at the end of the road – you can’t miss it.

    Cephas MMØINS

    John MM0JXI

    He’s history.
    I’ll leave the post up as a warning to others

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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