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    Ellis GM4GZW

    You may be aware that I’m the “repeater keeper” of GB3ED, the UHF repeater in Edinburgh. The repeater has been unwell for quite some time but I haven’t been able to replace it with the “new” one that I have prepared as there has been a problem on the roof which represented a health hazard and I haven’t been permitted access.

    Two things have happened recently. Firstly, the roof work has finished but I haven’t had chance to arrange access yet. Secondly, I have been instructed to renew the NOV (or not!), which is due at the end of March.

    In relation to the first, I wonder if anyone has the technical interest or enthusiasm to help me run the repeater?

    In relation to the second, I will need volunteers for “closedown operators”. These are radio amateurs who live nearby and would be prepared to respond in a reasonably timeous manner (I think within a couple of hours) to a request from the authorities to close down the repeater. This would involve going to the site (Napier university at Merchiston) and turning off the mains at the 13A socket. The previous closedown operators have mostly moved away or are not involved in the hobby any more.

    If anyone is interested in being involved, please let me know by responding to this. Involvement will involve very little time if all is well. Closedown operators will only be called in an emergency (never, so far).

    It would be a shame for the capital city to have no UHF repeater. I realise that it is completely off the radar of most members as it has not worked well for some time and its coverage isn’t good to the east, but perhaps some enthusiastic fresh blood could develop it…………?



    ps I also asked Alan at the Lothians club to ask around their members.



    Hi I would be verry intreated in helping you with this I would also have a few NEW ideas for example DMR ? If we can replace the repeater with a Mototrbo DMR repeater we could like it up to the DMR MARC NET giving national and international coverage via IP, time slots use TDMA so we can have a local QSO and a international QSO all at the same time without interfering with eachother, could also allow analong users access so they don’t feel left out but the way forward is DMR I use it just now and it’s fantastic, I’m aslo available for closedown callouts etc… I’m based in East lothian only 20 min drive to site. Hope to hear back from you soon
    Regards Victor



    Hi Guys, I though I would add to your discussion on GB3ED.

    I am the owner and keeper of GB7DD in Dundee which was previously a D-Star Repeater before I purchased a Motorola DMR Repeater.

    A DMR Repeater does indeed have two digital time slots which basically turns it into two repeaters, Unfortunately you cannot have dual-mode (Analogue/Digital) and have it connected to the DMR-MARC Website to link with others world-wide.

    Alistair GM7RYR is keen to see a DMR UHF Repeater within the Edinburgh area and has spoken to me about this recently and the fact that GB3ED seemed to be sick and that the site would be a good location.

    Alistair is able to access the GB7DD repeater from his QTH in Edinburgh.

    It might be worthwhile touching base with him.

    If I can offer any other guidance please do not hesitate to ask.

    Kind Regards

    Martin Higgins MM0DUN
    Keeper of GB7DD

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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