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    Brian M0RNR

    Hi all,

    Happy New year to those of you I didn’t drunken text over the festive period. I’ve just been chatting with MM0JXI about budgeting for this years IOTA contest. I know we were let down by the company last year but we have talked for years and years about doing decent Team Polo shirts. I have a suggestion, why not settle on a design (or just use the one we have now) and roll the cost into the overall IOTA annual fee??

    I know John mentioned rolling all the costs into one fee so we arent shelling out on the Island and John isn’t like Rockafella for a short period of time??

    My preference for shirts is navy blue as they match the current club shirt and are more durable colour and can be used to work in whilst setting up etc. I’m not precious on colour though but wanted to table the idea.

    Doing it this way would mean we can get the order in nice and early and get the shirts done. From years of printing them they are

    a – a pain to print
    b – a bigger pain to iron
    c – don’t last too long
    d – not great VFM as I only wear them once or twice a year whereas I wear my CPSARC polo all the time

    just a thought but if the consensus is positive I propose we stick the cost into overall island trip price

    thoughts please??

    73 DE M0RNR


    Bob GM4UYZ

    Brian both Cambell and I have talked about making it a “One” fee which covers the normal Tiree Trip fees, Elaine’s Money and the Tee-shirt money. We between us mentioned £200 and if you think about it it is normally what it comes to anyway. Just thinking even that the normal “case of beer” could be built in, obviously the cost goes up……. but we pay for it anyway

    What you have to think about then is your spending money i.e. for the beer and any food on our travels… garage Stop, Ferry Breakfast, Trips to the Tiree Lodge or anything else that I can’t think off.

    Regard the Tee-Shirt yes I know we were let down last year so maybe worth paying her a visit now and sorting it out or if the consensus says go somewhere else. I do agree with all your points by the way.

    My thoughts…..

    Bob GM4UYZ

    Brian M0RNR

    Makes perfect sense to roll it all up Bob, I’m all for it.


    Geoff MM5AHO

    I’m for the all up fee, and for Polo versus T shirt, and like Navy as a serviceable colour.
    I’m also thinking that with lowering fuel prices, that diesel might also be at reduced price even on Tiree.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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