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    Hi guys,

    Just opened my electronic copy of QST to see the article about you at Barns Ness.
    It’s by Lon Severe WA6AEE/MM0WAE.

    Great read and what a fine set of antennas you have.

    Look forward to getting you in my log again soon.

    I wonder if you will be doing the CQWW WPX contest in 2 weeks?

    All the best from Oz.



    Brian M0RNR

    Stevie I’m doing 15m High Power from my home QTH should be a decent early morning path Saturday and Sunday


    Cambell MM0DXC

    Cheers Stevie,

    Things have changed a bit from the 100w and a Dipole days. I don’t get QST but did see an advance copy of Lons article. He’s a great guy and a fine operator. Its testament that he flew back from Florida to take part in the contest with us then flew back to the states.

    We must be doing something right.

    73 de DXC


    Hi Brian and Cambell,
    Will look out for you Brian on 15M and hope I can get you.
    Yes Cambell I would say you are doing more than something right.
    Very impressive set up now.
    Are there photos of the mobile shack you guys were making?
    I’ll need to look through this site.
    Good luck with the next one and great to see the fruits of your very hard work.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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