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Revive the Club Sked?

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    Cambell MM0DXC

    A few of you may remember that we used to run a sked on 80m on a Thursday evening. It was actually very popular and often used to sprawl out to a UK / Europe wide affair attracting visitors from all over.

    It used to run from 19:30 (local) till whenever it ended, usually about 21:30. The designated controller would find a frequency and announce this on the chat box on this web site and take things from there.

    It did prompt people to get on the air and it also encouraged people to make antennas.

    1, Do we fancy reviving this club activity ?

    2, Who would take part ?

    Geoff MM5AHO

    I used to really struggle with this, because I had a low angle antenna (1/4 wave vertical), so I made a different one specially for this use, but never got the chance to try it out in this way.

    So, I support this idea, and whenever I’m home on Thursdays would join in, if suitable (propogation permitting) couold act as controller sometimes. (necessary that controller is heard by at least most of the participants).

    I hope that we could make this a fixture of every winter. (people do other things in summer than sit inside in the warm cozy shack chatting nonsense with each other!)

    start 28th?


    No antenna for 80m and my BB lacks immunity to 80.

    Geoff MM5AHO

    I’m “lucky” – no BB to lack immunity!

    Cambell MM0DXC

    That’s because Bob has a BT Home Hub, well known for being crap. I can run 400W (Nominal) with the amp around 2 feet from the router with no issues at all..


    Great stuff !
    I’ll tune in once a fortnight if its on a Thursday or any other day, I haven’t really tried QSO on 80m as there was no one about when I tuned in the last time doing a test which showed quite a bit of current in the counterpoise which implied(correct me if I am wrong) my end-fed on the roof top was radiating. I remember the high QRN/M level on receive though.
    I also have some issues with wifi/router (virginmedia)and turn it off when operating 40m when propagation is not so good as it just adds to the noise on receive.

    Bob GM4UYZ

    Count me in….work permitting. Although in the past I couldn’t hear everyone it was fun taking part.

    Brian M0RNR

    Im in when Im home that is but only have a mobile antenna for 80m at the moment, mind you its 45 feet from the ground so that will be an interesting test. antenna for 80m is an easy lash up for me so if it takes off I’ll throw a wire up


    John MM0JXI

    I had similar problems to Bob with my home hub disconnecting with 100w on 80m.
    I now have a 4th gen hub and have relocated it to another room so it will be interesting to see if it holds up.

    I never did take the time work out if my signal was interfering with the hub or if it was simply wiping out a chuck of the bandwidth the broadband was using causing the hub to disconnect.
    I’m a fair distance from the exchange so noise in the cable may be a contributing factor leaving me with bandwidth slots around 3.5MHz which get noisy while I’m transmitting.

    anyway, happy to join in when time permits


    Tom Gm4LRU

    Unfortunately, for me, it would conflict with the Fife MCW net on 2m.

    Also I experience a high level of noise here on 80m in the evenings so the only stations I ever heard
    were the twa Bobs and Cambell!

    Good luck though.


    Cambell MM0DXC

    Right then, I’ll be on 80m this Thursday at 19:30. Frequency to be announced on the chat feature on the CPSARC home page. It’d be great if we could get loads of you along for a QSO.

    de DXC

    Bob GM4UYZ

    Won’t make this Thursday due to work commitments but all being well should be on next week

    Cambell MM0DXC

    I hope you guys are getting things sorted for 80m and I’m not left shouting at myself !!!

    Geoff MM5AHO

    Provided you’re not in the qrp band, I might hear you. I’ll be there!

    Cambell MM0DXC

    QRP ?? Sorry, you’ll have to explain ! haha

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