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RN Electronics 50MHz Transverter (144MHz Input)

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    Colin GM0CLN

    The RN Electronics 50MHz transverters are rare these days but still a good piece of kit. This one is a RN6M/25. Here is part of a review I found online…..

    “Inside the construction standards are superb. Personally I think it’s way better than much of the Microwave modules construction ever was. There are some odd design standards even for those days but 145MHZ input/output is via an attached fly lead terminated in a PL259/UHF plug for the driving rig. This is odd since the lead inside the case has a BNC plug on it and is plugged into the main board. The 50MHZ in/out is via a BNC socket. 13.8V is supplied via a length of two core domestic power cable. There is also a small hole on the back of the box which is where you can run a lead to enable remote “ground to transmit” control. Why they didn’t add a small socket I don’t know. The handbook that comes with (complete with a circuit diagram) has the look of having been typed on an old Remington typewriter and then photocopied – which it probably was. None of this should put you off though since this is an excellent piece of kit. Both my FT290R and my old IC202E drive it perfectly. Also the receive sensitivity into my Moonraker vertical is as good as my FT690 barefoot and way better than my old Microwave modules converter. As I say, this may be old and rarer than hen’s teeth but if one crops up then go for it, you won’t regret it.”

    Some of the transverter spec follows….

    Output Power : 25W PEP SSB, 20W CW/FM (13.5V Supply)
    Frequency : 50-52MHz
    Drive : 0.5-3.0W, 144-146MHz
    DC Supply : 12-14V, negative earth
    2nd Harmonic : -70dB or better
    Spurii : -60dB or better
    Current : 3.5A typical, 4A max for full output

    Frequency : 50-52MHz
    I.F. Frequency : 144-146MHz
    Conversion Gain : +6dB typical
    Noise Figure : <2.5dB
    144MHz Breakthrough : -75dB typical
    Current : 120mA typical

    I have had this from new and it’s never let me down. It has been driven by a TR9130 144MHz multimode and more recently a TR751E 144MHz multimode. Although I cannot find the paper copy of the user manual I have it electronically and can e-mail a copy.

    A simple but very effective piece of kit and a cheap way to get on 50MHz if you already have 144MHz. It has a few small marks on it – I can send you photos if you need them – email me!

    It can be yours for only £90


    Colin GM0CLN

    This can now be yours for only £80 (if picked up).  If required, UK shipping is £10

    Colin GM0CLN


    Colin GM0CLN

    About to move house again and this is still in the cupboard.

    Yours for £80

    Manual/spec available here…


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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