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    Cambell MM0DXC

    Like I said last night, an auto login would be handy with an inactivity timer for auto logout. For example, this is the 3rd time I’ve looked at the site today but the 1st time I’ve logged in.


    Hi John. If you have a backup of the old forum posts you could run a SQL insert of only the forum posts , using my php admin(assuming server has that) and pad out the data if required with null/ default values bearing in mind column names and data types?

    say original sql txt has collumn names id, name, title, body and new db has id, xvariable, name, title, yvariable, body – pad out x and y varibale or leave blank if column allows nulls.



    Just an idea as dont have full details of db module/plugin your using on this.





    Colin GM0CLN


    Tried to send you a message yesterday but not sure if it went OK so apologies if this is duplicate info for you.

    I was trying to find the For Sale posts I had on the old forum but can’t.  Is there a link I can use to get to them as I don’t fancy having to type out all the details again.  Cut & Paste is much easier!

    Any help appreciated.



    John MM0JXI


    the problem is with the url’s the two forum systems use being very close to each other, removing the old one has broken the connection to the posts.

    I should be able to sort that but it will take a wee while.

    John (I don’t see any pm’s either…)

    Colin GM0CLN

    Thanks John.  It’s just a bit of a pain as I was about to cut and paste to advertise the bits elsewhere.  Never mind, if it’s not a quick job I’ll just have to start from scratch.

    John MM0JXI

    OK, I’ve sorted the integration for the old forums, and the old posts should all now be visible again.

    The direct link to the old forum is under the Information menu (to keep it away from the new forum)

    Colin GM0CLN

    Thanks John, you’re a star.  That’s just saved me some work!



Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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