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    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to close out this post by saying a big thanks to Cambell for his email advice and safe work method statement document.
    I now have a sound idea of how we will approach this mast and how to put it up safely.
    Goodness there are some laughs on you tube watching people attempt and fail at it.

    You assistance was much appreciated.

    Best 73


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    Thanks Bob,

    I have sent you an email and good luck with junk night.

    in reply to: QST Article #974023

    Hi Brian and Cambell,
    Will look out for you Brian on 15M and hope I can get you.
    Yes Cambell I would say you are doing more than something right.
    Very impressive set up now.
    Are there photos of the mobile shack you guys were making?
    I’ll need to look through this site.
    Good luck with the next one and great to see the fruits of your very hard work.



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    Congratulations on a new Scottish record.
    I just saw the results on line.
    Looking forward to this years and good luck guys.

    All the best,



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    Hi All,

    I was thinking of the effort you have gone to setting up your station and its impressive.

    I have made my final checks here in the shack and tested both antennas.
    Still dont rate a G5RV, now have a full size and its 4 S points down on the Hustler 6BTV.

    Please listen out for me as its a bucket list thing to work you from here.

    Sincere best wishes all and good luck in the contest.
    Good DX GM2T


    in reply to: CQWW SSB 2013 #243028

    Good luck in the contest.
    I am having a go at single op low power on 20m.
    Will try to work you if at all possible.

    in reply to: Antenna questions #170460

    Unfortunately this post was not up 3 months ago
    when I spent weeks painting my half size G5RV
    to make it blend in. Then put it up at the eaves
    of the house. Got it from MFJ in USA. The effort
    that went in to put up a wet piece of string
    was quite a bit.
    This antenna is the worst I have ever used and
    would only use it to hang washing up.
    A mate had a Yaesu portable with an active telescopic
    whip on it. He worked Indonesia from my front door
    a station I could not even hear.
    I tried everything from a MFJ balun to an auto ATU
    still no joy.
    I give up and now wait for planning permission to
    put up my Hustler 6 band trap vertical with tilt
    over bracket from DX Engineering.
    Hopefully being able to work a CPSARC member.

    G5RV if that’s bad you will laugh at the half size
    as its even worse. Rubbish don’t even look at them.

    in reply to: CQWW2012 What was it like? #1952

    Great effort guys over 5000 QSO’s I hope there was beer on hand for the throats?

    I think you could still win it again this year.

    The photo’s are great, well I managed 6 contacts using some wet string and 100watts 😉

    2 in Japan, 2 in Oz, 1 in East of USA and 1 in Indonesia.

    I will have to post a pic of the setup its a laugh the G5RV centre was on some conduit stuck in a basketball hoop with the elements going over a sun shade touching a metal gutter with 2 metres between the parallel elements NOT opposing.

    That was my CQWW probably the worst station on air 😉 any prizes for that?

    I never gave you a call as you were very weak in the background but it still made my day that I could hear you. I was very very chuffed to do that from here.

    Hope you do in fact win again.

    All the best and good DX


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