GB2MOF this weekend 15th to 16th June

GB2MOF will be operational from the Museum of Flight this weekend as part of the Museums on the Air Weekend.

We will be setting up on Friday afternoon in Hanger 1 at the museum from about 13:00 onwards and if you are free and wish to help you will be more than welcome. The aim is to get at least 2 hours operating after the build before the 17:00 Museum closure.
Saturday we hope to be on the air from 08:00 through to 17:00 and Sunday from 08:00 through to 15:30.

The station will consist of 2 x HF stations – one dedicated to 40M and the other 20/15/10M depending on band conditions.

Come along and take part and have some fun working a large station and the hopeful pile-ups.


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  2. Sorry Bob I will miss it this year as I’m away in EA


  3. Hi Brian,
    Heh where is the dedication!!!! Serious though have a good time in EA….

    Hi Sandy,
    Ok on availability and ok about Sunday. I hope to be not much later on sunday myself as I have family commitments

  4. The more people work as a team and take direction, the quicker we’ll be finished. Please remember that once we have left site, it can take a bit of time to unload the van and properly stow the equipment where it is stored.

    Luckily Bob is happy to unload his car on his own but there is a great deal more in the van.

    “Its a team game”

  5. I will be tthere start to finish allso to help Cambell load van on Friday morning and unload Sunday night

  6. Thanks Bob, I really appreciate that. I know you’ll be here as discussed on Friday morning along with Taner to help get loaded up. I have to say that when we finished at GB2VEF the other month, from last QSO at 15:30 to me sitting down at home with all the work done at 17:30 was brilliant. “Many hands make light work” as they say.

  7. Ok cambell I understand your point of view and will be there until job done.
    if you need me to help load van in morning please let me know tonight what time and if someone can give me directions near the time via 2m when I get to tranent to your QTH I can be there to help and its not a problem.

  8. Hey Sandy, dont sweat it bud. There is loads of time to load up in the morning. so Bob, Taner and I will do that at our leisure.

    If you’re free to help unload and pack the stuff away, that’d be great.

    See you at the museum.

  9. Brilliant weekend. Fantastic teamwork. Not only was the radio great, due to the teamwork and commitment from everyone, the equipment was all put away properly by 5pm. Just goes to show what a well oiled machine can achieve. Thanks to everyone..

  10. Great weekend. Nice to see everyone and as usual the banter was great

  11. Great weekend and as Cambell says Team Work makes such a difference. Great banter as always.
    1181 QSO’s in the log for the weekend a lot better than I thought it was going to be considering the conditions.

  12. enjoyed the weekend ,and great company ,foot in mouth comes to mind on a couple of ocassions at least i did some operating , enjoyed the hairdressing skills of bob gm4ikt you missed a bit hi hi ..

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