GMDX Convention

The GMDX Convention is only about a month away, and many have not indicated they’re going. Perhaps that means they will miss out.

Can I briefly remind you of what’s in store…?
There are 5 speakers coming, the last and best is Ralph Fedor, K0IR, being flown in especially from USA for this event (at some expense I might add), who will give the first account to be heard in Europe of the highly successful Amsterdam Island DXpedition.
This 160,000 QSO expedition cost over $450,000 and involved an international team of 14 or so, plus support team back home and in several countries.
In addition… Africa, Astral Islands, Ascension Island, and a session on how to use Clublog by the guy who runs it, Michael G7VJR.

There’s a dinner afterward and plenty of places available (but this must be booked). Usually there’s a table from CPSARC, but so far only a couple of us booked.

Come on guys, this is one of the best meetings for DX and contest related info, talks, chats, demonstrations etc. Get booking.
see details here…

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  1. I’m booked in for GMDX, dinner and all – so if there’s a table then add me to it – Looks like a good agenda

    Jim — MM0DXH

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