International Lighthouses & Lightships on the air weekend GB2LBN

CPSARC will be taking part in this event over the weekend of the 15th August from Barns Ness Lighthouse to the east of Dunbar.
We will be using the callsign GB2LBN. I want to stress that this is not a contest, its a special event station which is much more relaxed in its operation and we use this event as a wee social event as much as anything else.
We plan to arrive on site at approximately 12:00 on Friday 14th to start building the station. This will comprise of 2 radios, network, 1 x 3 ele triband yagi at 60 feet on the trailer mast and a sloping dipole for 40m. There’s always lots to do when the station is being built so any help is appreciated. We plan to be on the air for a few hours on Friday afternoon into the evening.
Friday evening is always a relaxed affair and traditionally, we have some Pizza from Umbertos in Dunbar and a few Babychams to relax.
Saturday morning and we would like both radios to be busy all day. There is usually a pile up on whichever bands we choose to operate on, 10, 15, 20m and 40m. The pile up is easy to work as it is us that people want to speak to so we can take things at out own pace.
Special events are great for people to operate especially if they are restricted to a conservative station at home, its nice to have a yagi in the sky and a bit of “coal on the fire” when you’re transmitting.
The radios will be available to use from 7am on Saturday morning till we close down at 15:30 local time on the Sunday. It would be great if both stations were manned for the entire time but it doesn’t really matter if they’re not.
Everyone is welcome to visit the station whether it be to help build, operate or just to visit. Anyone with a licence is welcome to operate the station, those who are a bit nervous will be given encouragement and tuition if required. If you are reading this, you are a member of this website group so have an interest in radio, even if you don’t have a licence yet, you’re welcome to visit and see what its all about, we welcome that.

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