Islands On The Air contest, GM2T

Well, this time next week, we’ll be on Tiree in the Inner Hebrides for the IOTA contest.

Please listen for and work GM2T, EU008 in the contest. Remember every contact we make with mainland UK is worth 15 points to us. Mainland UK Island Reference is EU005

When we’re running (calling CQ), you can call us.

You’ll hear “Golf Mike Two Tango, Contest”
You’ll call “(Your Callsign)”
We’ll say “(Your Callsign), you’re 5/9 (then your serial number) on Echo Uniform Zero Zero Eight”
You’ll say “Golf Mike Two Tango, you’re 5/9 (our serial number starting at zero zero one) on Echo Uniform Zero Zero Five”
We’ll say “Thankyou, QRZ, Golf Mike Two Tango, Contest”

That will give us 15 points


The aim of the contest is to promote contacts between stations in IOTA island groups and the rest of the world, and to encourage expeditions to IOTA islands. The General Rules for RSGB HF Contests do not apply to this event. UK entrants are permitted to use Contest Call Signs (SCC) if they hold a valid NoV from OFCOM.


12:00 UTC Saturday 25th July to 12:00 UTC Sunday 26th July 2015. The contest always takes place over the last FULL weekend of July.


3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28MHz, CW and SSB. IARU band plans must be observed, with CW contacts being made only in the recognised CW ends of the bands. Contest-preferred segments on 80m and 20m must be observed, so no operation must take place on 3500-3510, 3560 – 3600, 3650 – 3700, 14060 – 14125 and 14300 – 14350kHz.

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