LIGHTHOUSE WEEKEND – This weekend 18/19th August

GB2LBN will be operational from Barns Ness Lighthouse, Dunbar this weekend as part of the “International Lighthouse/Lightships Weekend” event, an event we have been involved in since 1995.

We will be setting up on Saturday morning arriving at Barns Ness approximately 08:00 and if you are free and wish to help you will be more than welcome. Saturday we hope to be on the air from 10:00 through to 15:30 on Sunday.

The station will consist of 2 x HF stations – one dedicated to 40M and the other 20/15/10M depending on band conditions.

For those eligible to try and win the VIC TROPHY for this year this is one of the club events that you can take part in. Hope you will make an effort to do so.

Come along and take part and have some fun working a large station and the hopeful pile-ups.



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  1. Hi Bob.
    Made contact with GB2 LBN at the weekend “really chuffed”.
    Hope you made lots of contacts, conditions down here were terrible only heard two stations yours and one from the Netherlands. GB2LBN report was 5/9+
    Regards to you all.
    Matt de M3HXS
    nr EXETER

  2. Hi Matt,

    Yes I noticed your call in the log so it was good to see that you managed to get in through the pile up. Ended up with 750 QSO’s and at the same time had a great social bit as well with BBQ and refreshments.

    Great to hear from

    All the best
    Bob GM4UYZ

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