MORSE Training via ZOOM – Starting Monday 16th November @ 1845 for 19:00

I have been asked by one or two people about trying to learn Morse Code (CW) so to that end I have been experimenting using ZOOM and it appears it can be done this way. We did this a few years back but as Face to Face in the Community Centre

Plan is I have setup a ZOOM Meeting for Monday 16th November starting at 18:45 for starting the CW at 19:00. Initial plan is to run this for an hour just to see how we go.

The link to join this ZOOM Session is as below:

Join Zoom Meeting

If you are interested can you drop me an email to say that you will join just so I get a feel for who is going to be there….THANKS

The way it will be done is using a Program called NUMORSE Professional.

It uses the KOCH method of teaching, basically learn some characters until you can receive them at 90%, then add some more so the new characters and old will be sent. We continue in this manner till we caver all the characters and punctuation characters.

Characters are sent at 20WPM (Basically learn the sound of the character) but with spacing overall the speed is 6WPM

See you Monday


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