Museum of Flight – VULCAN EVENT GB2VEF – Fri 19th to Sun 21st April

Vulcan landing at East Fortune in 1984

GB2VEF will be operational from the Museum of Flight this weekend on behalf of the Vulcan to the Sky Club and Trust

This special event is part of the 2013 celebrations that are being run to promote the last flying Vulcan Bomber XH558 in her 2013 flying season.

We will be setting up on Friday afternoon in Hanger 1 at the museum from about 13:00 onwards and if you are free and wish to help you will be more than welcome. The aim is to get at least 2 hours operating after the build before the 17:00 Museum closure.

We hope to be on the air on Saturday from 08:00 through to 17:00 and on Sunday from 08:00 through to 15:30.

The station will consist of 2 x HF stations – one dedicated to 40m and the other 20/15/10m depending on band conditions.

Come along and take part and have some fun working a large station and, hopefully, the pile-ups.

Side view of Vulcan XM597

Falklands War veteran XM597 @ East Fortune
Deployed in the suppression of enemy air defences role, XM597 is one of only two Vulcans used in anger. The other, XM607, dropped bombs on Port Stanley airfield in the Falkland Islands.

XM597 made the headlines when, due to a fractured in-flight refuelling probe, the Vulcan diverted to Rio de Janeiro. After seven days internment the aircraft and crew were released.

On the nose can be seen two mission markings and a Brazilian flag commemorating her unscheduled stopover.

XM597 flew into East Fortune in 1984.


  1. Hi Bob,
    I have to compliment your Radio Club in putting on an an excellent Special Event Radio Station.The operators are first class.

    Graeme Miller GM8JIP

  2. Hi Bob,
    I am glad that your radio club had a good time.You are now part of XH558 history and your activity will be put into the archives.
    I have forwarded your letter to our web-master and I think there will be every possibility of it being on the web-site tomorrow. I will send you the link.Your photographs may also be included.
    Your club has now been Vulcanised you can still put another station on this year as GB2VUL or you might like to think of putting GB2VEF on next year?
    Please pass my congratulations to all your club members that participated in the event.Amateur Radio plays a VERY important part in getting awareness of XH558 recognised.
    Another BIG thank-you from the VTTST and VTTSC !!
    WELL DONE !!
    Graeme. GM8JIP
    P.S. I could not get on the air on Sunday as I had domestic duties to do!

  3. Bob,
    The Cockenzie And Port Seton Amateur Radio Club have their own article on the Vulcan GB2VEF Special Event Radio Station on The Vulcan To The Sky web-site. Please follow the following link:-

    You have made it BIG TIME !!
    This will be great publicity for your club.
    Thank-you once again and when I find out when XH558 is going to Leuchars I will see if I can get XH558 to fly over East Fortune.
    73 Graeme. GM8JIP

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