Orionids Meteor Shower

The Orionids peak occurs on 21/22 October 2011 just after the last quarter Moon (32%), with the Moon rising a little after midnight, just as the meteor shower radiant is gaining height. This year the peak is estimated at 21:00 UTC on October 21st.
Due to the position of the Moon when the radiant is gaining height at it’s peak the conditions of the Orionids aren’t that optimal.
Go to a high position one or two hours before the Moon rises and enjoy the ZHR rate of about 30 of this meteor shower. Enough to spend a good old night of excitement and counting.


TIMING: Go outside, find a dark spot and look north-east near the constelation of Orion for the Orionids radiant. The best time to view the Orionids is from around midnight to dawn. They are fast and sometimes bright with some trains. You should be able to see 30 streaks an hour or more during the peak.


The Orionids meteor shower is active from the 15th October to 29th October with fewer activity either side of the peak time.


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