Lothians RS Surplus Equipment Sale

St Fillan’s Church Hall Wednesday 19thOctober 2011

Host – Peter Bates GM4BYF 7.30 PM for a very sharp 8pm start .

Visitors are very welcome.

Note that this meeting is not in the usual hotel venue but in St Fillan’s Church Hall in Buckstone Drive Edinburgh, EH10 6PH.

Full details on the LRS website      www.lothiansradiosociety.com


ARDF Feedback wanted

In April 2009 the RSGB ARDF Committee organised a seminar at Mugdock Country
Park, Milngavie. An event was subsequently held at the park.

Although we know that some ARDF equipment has been purchased/constructed
there appears to have been no further interest in Scotland since. In an
effort to rekindle any latent interest and stimulate any newcomers I am
circulating the attached paper to Scottish RSGB Reps, club secretaries and
individuals who have previously attended the seminar or have expressed an

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Foundation License Passes

Gary Bourhill MM0FZV (Assistant Invigilator), John Leith, Billy Neish, Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ (Instructor) and Cephas Ralph

MORSE NIGHT – 14th October – 19:30 to 21:30

RESOURCES ROOM 1 19:30 to 21:30
 I have changed the October night in the Community Centre from the 21st October to the 14th October. The reason being is that I am not available on the 21st and I have promised that I would put a night together for taking the learning of Morse Code further and I don’t want to let you down.

 The objective of the evening is to gauge the level of interest of learning Morse Code to the level it can successfully be used to make a CW contact, whether it is a standard QSO or Contest QSO

 I hope a few of you will turn up as you have all been mentioning it needs to be done…..

 See you all there then….

October Newsletter

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CQWW SSB Contest

Once again CPSARC will be taking part in the CQWW SSB contest at the end of October from Barns Ness Lighthouse to the East of Dunbar.

We are inviting all members of CPSARC to attend this event and help take part in the contest. This help can manifest itself in many ways.

1, The equipment needs to get to Barns Ness, most of this is already covered but we still need 2 towers to be towed there. We need to be there by 1st light which is realistically 7:30am on Friday 28th October to start building.

2, The station needs to be built. Antennae from 160m to 10m need to be erected, this includes the building of 3 towers, 1 scaffold mast and the running of associated cabling. This needs to be done by 4:30pm at the latest as it starts to get dark and unsafe to work.

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