DF NIGHT this Friday 10th May 2013

DF NIGHT — Friday 10th May
Meet @ 18:30 for 19:00 start at the SHIP INN (East) Car Park, Port Seton
Cost: £2.00 per person for Club Funds
Map of Hunt Area is provided plus rules. Can also be found on the club website under downloads.

This is our First DF Night of 2013 around the county of East Lothian. The “fox”, this time MM0DXC no doubt will find a good hiding place and then he will transmits for 30 secs every 5 minutes starting at 19:00. The DF Hunt finishes at 20:45 where we retire to the Thorntree Inn for the DF Hunt debrief.

Easy to find… I can assure you it is not, East Lothian throws up some strange radio transmissions which can send you on a wild goose chase….

So do you want an evening of good fun well come along and join in. I hope you all will do.

May Newsletter

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CLUB NIGHT – Friday 3rd May

REMEMBER it is club night on
Friday 3rd May

At the usual place. It is the fifth of 2013 so let’s make this another bumper club attendance. It will be fantastic to see you all, regulars, new faces and those who have not been for a while, at club night and show that you are still supporting our great club ……

Thorntree INN, (Lounge Bar), High Street, Cockenzie, Port Seton.

From 19:00 till late……………….

Training Courses for 2013/14

The training program for 2013/14 has now been published as is available from the Training section.

If you are interested or you know of anyone who is interested in the following courses can you contact me and also get them to contact me so I can get everyone registered, etc……

There is a fair amount of paperwork involved so the earlier I am contacted the better, plus fees paid allows me to purchase all the course material and confirm room bookings for the courses.

Note: Fees could change if RSGB Exam Fees or Community Centre Fees are raised.

2013 – 2014 Fees are higher this year due to an increase in Community Centre Fees



Tel: 01875 811723

Museum of Flight – VULCAN EVENT GB2VEF – Fri 19th to Sun 21st April

Vulcan landing at East Fortune in 1984

GB2VEF will be operational from the Museum of Flight this weekend on behalf of the Vulcan to the Sky Club and Trust

This special event is part of the 2013 celebrations that are being run to promote the last flying Vulcan Bomber XH558 in her 2013 flying season.

We will be setting up on Friday afternoon in Hanger 1 at the museum from about 13:00 onwards and if you are free and wish to help you will be more than welcome. The aim is to get at least 2 hours operating after the build before the 17:00 Museum closure.

We hope to be on the air on Saturday from 08:00 through to 17:00 and on Sunday from 08:00 through to 15:30.

The station will consist of 2 x HF stations – one dedicated to 40m and the other 20/15/10m depending on band conditions.

Come along and take part and have some fun working a large station and, hopefully, the pile-ups.

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April Newsletter

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