BT People Award

I’m delighted to announce that the club has been awarded another grant under the BT People Awards scheme thanks to the application by John Innes MM0JXI

This year we have been awarded £217 for club funds.

The club has previously received grants totaling £1210 from this scheme which has made a big difference to our funding.

The BT People Awards provides a great opportunity for community groups like ours to get some additional help which can make a huge difference. This grant will have a big impact on our on-going costs for insurance and storing our towers etc.

It is very positive that BT recognizes the voluntary work of its people and supports local community activities in this way.


LIGHTHOUSE WEEKEND – This weekend 18/19th August

GB2LBN will be operational from Barns Ness Lighthouse, Dunbar this weekend as part of the “International Lighthouse/Lightships Weekend” event, an event we have been involved in since 1995.

We will be setting up on Saturday morning arriving at Barns Ness approximately 08:00 and if you are free and wish to help you will be more than welcome. Saturday we hope to be on the air from 10:00 through to 15:30 on Sunday.

The station will consist of 2 x HF stations – one dedicated to 40M and the other 20/15/10M depending on band conditions.

For those eligible to try and win the VIC TROPHY for this year this is one of the club events that you can take part in. Hope you will make an effort to do so.

Come along and take part and have some fun working a large station and the hopeful pile-ups.


PW QRP Contest Presentation

Congratulations to Robin MM0VTV, Cambell MM0DXC and Bob GM4UYZ who have won the Tennamast Trophy for the best Scottish Station in the Practical Wireless 144MHz QRP Contest.

The trophy was presented by the RSGB Regional Manager for Region 1 (Scotland) – Len Paget GM0ONX,

Len presenting Robin Farrer MM0VTV with the Trophy

Len GM0ONX and PW QRP Team for the event: Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ, Robin Farrer MM0VTV and Cambell MM0DXC

Tennamast Trophy


Perseid Meteor Shower

Live view from Norman Lockyer Observatory

One of the most pleasant treats on a warm summer night is to lie out under a starry sky and try to see a few shooting stars, or meteors. Luckily, right now is a great time to try to see meteors in the night sky.

Any night this week you will have a good chance of seeing the annual Perseid meteor shower. These objects are tiny bits of rock and debris from an old comet, which is named Swift-Tuttle after the astronomers who discovered it in 1862.

Every year in early August, Earth passes through the comet Swift-Tuttle’s orbit and sweeps up some of this debris. As the tiny rocks encounter the thin upper atmosphere of the Earth, the air is heated to incandescence and we see a rapid streak of light.

All you need to see the meteors is a clear night and look up!

The peak viewing times will be in the mornings of 11, 12 and 13 August.

August Newsletter

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Bring along your own “junk” and sell it yourself. Tables on a First Come, First Served Basis
Time: 1830 till 2130
Location: Cockenzie & Port Seton Community Centre (Main Hall) Disabled access available
Raffle @ 21:00, Food & Drink Available
If any one would like to donate any prizes for the raffle or food towards the catering it will be more than appreciated.