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Elements 201107

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Discussion Board

I’ve signed up for a hosted discussion board solution at to replace the old forums.

Visit our Forum!

feel free to sign up and start contributing again!

status update

This site is here because the original was being constantly attacked with javascript injections of malicious code.

I’ve taken the old site completely offline as we were being classed as a malware provider by google etc.

I hope to rebuild the site on the wordpress platform but that will take some time as I’m very new to this software.

Please bear with me until we’re ready to announce that we’ve got something usable.

All the documents and photos are safe but the news archive and forums are gone…



Innes Fairbairn GM4VJV Silent Key

It is with real deep regret that I must pass on the following “sad” news. We received both a text and a phone call today to say that Innes passed way very suddenly last Thursday 9th June whilst working abroad in Abi Dhabi. All that we have been informed is that he was found in his apartment that morning. What makes it even sadder is that Margaret his wife had been out visiting him and had gone home on the Wednesday.

Innes was a great friend to many of us and a great radio amateur as well and will be sadly missed by us all. As always at times like this and I make no bones about it, is that I always find it difficult to put into words about how I feel so all I can say is that my and our deepest sympathies go out to Margaret and the rest of the family.

Rest in peace, Innes…..

When I hear about any funeral arrangements I will post out an email to all and update this message…


Elements 201106

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