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Date: Friday Evening 20th APRIL 2018
Time: 18:30

Barnton Quarry R4 ROTOR Complex
Crown Buildings
35 Clermiston Road North

Answers to your questions:

Q: How do we get to the Secret Bunker (Road directions)?
A: The site is at 35 Clermiston Road North. Come along the A90 from the city centre and turn up Clermiston Road North. Continue up the hill, around a slight right-hand dog-leg and it’s the first left. You’ll see a small council car park on your right as you turn into our access road. Go past that, down to where you’ll see a barrier across the track and portacabins. Turn left into your compound there. The gate will likely be shut, but it’s on an unlocked chain. Open it and drive in, closing the gate behind you.

Q: Is there a parking area?
A: Yes, loads of room in our compound.

Q: How should people be dressed i.e. warm clothing, etc?
A: Dress for a cold Scottish day. It’s around 10 to 12C underground, but there will be a lot of standing around. Sturdy footwear is essential – it’s a building site with lots of hazards. We’ll provide hard hats.

Q: How long do you think the visit will take as I am sure someone will ask?
A: About an hour to hour and a half.

Q: Is there a restriction on how many people can attend?
A: Not formally, but it gets unmanageable if there are more than say 25 people.

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