RSGB IOTA Contest 2012


CPSARC will be taking part in the RSGB IOTA Contest on 28/29 July from the Island of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides (EU-008).

This is a massive logistical excercise for the team, to transport equipment, aerials, towers and personnel to an island 4.5 hours sail from Oban.

We are looking forward to re-aquainting ourselves with our friends on the Island and are also looking forward to some fine weather and great operating conditions.

Please look out for GM2T during the contest.


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  1. hope all goes well enjoy and good luck
    duncan mm0gzz

  2. And, please, when you look out for us, work us too! We need all the points we can get, and mainland UK is EU005 – an island = more points!
    And then qsy to every other band you hear us on and work us there too! Please …

  3. I came across this youtube video today of the team being heard in Canada I think.

  4. It was fun. The team worked extremely well together as usual. Kick ass station and a kick ass team.

  5. What a great weekend…really, really enjoyed myself. Great team of guys…we had fun, did the serious bit and lots of more fun…dancing included!!!!!!!!

  6. Top weekend with top company…….what a team!

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