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Help – Repeater Support Needed


The Scottish Border’s Repeater Group needs your help to maintain the many repeaters that they look after – http://www.sbrg.co.uk

The repeaters that they support are GB3BT GB3SB GB3HK GB3DU GB3BE GB3LB

Many of you will use these repeaters, as some of them cover the Lothians.

If you would like to support our repeaters then you can do so via PayPal to subs@sbrg.co.uk or cheque/cash to the treasurer Jim GM4FVM, 7 Welltower Park, Ayton ,TD14 5RR

Annual subscription is only £12.50, but donations are also welcome.

Funds are used for increased site rents, RSGB affiliation, repairs and maintenance.

Any amount will help keep our repeaters on the air and ensure that they are there for the future.