WinTEST Training – Friday 25 April 19:00 to 21:00

*** Reminder it is the WinTEST training evening this Friday 25th April 2014 ***
*** Resources Room 1, Port Seton Community Centre ***
*** 19:00 to 21:00 ***
*** Cost £2/person to cover Room Hire ***

A WinTEST evening will be run on the above date to teach and show the basics about the WinTEST logging software that we use for all our events – Special Events, Radio Demonstrations and all our contests.

For those who have never used any logging software it is a good chance to learn it before you are hit with the “big pile-ups”.

Hope you will come along.


  1. wintest night was a lot of fun alth Cephas did an excellent job of putting both me and sean under some pressure
    with the simulated logging hes a bad man . but we really enjoyed it thanx guys

  2. If you want a copy of win-test to play around with, the freeware DXpedtion version is available to download from

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