2017 Club of the Year regional winners

As you can see from the 2017 results we have once again won the RSGB Club of the Year for Region 1.
We therefore retain the trophy for another year.
This is another great honour for the Cockenzie & Port Seton Amateur Radio Club so well done to everyone for making the radio club what it is as without you all it would never happen.


Large Clubs
Region 1 Cockenzie and Port Seton ARS
Region 3 Stockport Radio Society
Region 4 Durham and District ARS
Region 5 Wythall Radio Club
Region 8 Mid-Ulster ARC
Region 9 Reading and District ARC
Region 10 Hilderstone AR&EC
Region 11 South Bristol ARC
Region 12 Essex Ham
Region 13 Spalding ARS

Small Clubs

Region 4 Hartlepool ARC
Region 7 Carmarthen ARS
Region 8 Greenisland Electronics ARS
Region 10 Chertsey Radio Club
Region 11 Poldhu ARC
Region 13 South Kesteven ARS

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