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Club Trophies

Vic Trophy Challenge
Vic Trophy Challenge
Version: 2.2
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Hybszer Trophy (DF Night)

The Hybszer trophy has been donated by Ron Fraser GM0NTL in memory of one of our club stalwarts Bill Gordon MM0BXK/GM8ZLI who passed away on the 11th January 2010. Ron felt he wanted to do something to keep the memory of Bill alive so he decided on donating a trophy. Before donating the trophy Ron …

Italian Trophies

As many will know Bob GM4IKT a club stalwart since the club was founded back in 1984 died on 26 June 2017. One of Bob’s requests was to put up a trophy in his memory with the emphasis on newbies (Licenced over the last 3 years) so to that end the “BOB PURVES GM4IKT TROPHY” …

Left Handed Capacitor Trophy

Back to 2009, we ran a challenge as part of our 25 Years Club Anniversary. As part of this challenge, The Left Handed Capacitor Trophy in memory of Vic GM4GGF was awarded to the winner of the Foundation Licence holder with the “most Distant QSO”. Martyn MM0XXW, then MM3XXW won this. Another challenge where the …

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