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New For Sale Section

Due to the lack of features and it not being very easy to use, on the old For Sale section I’ve changed things a bit to use the standard WordPress posts.

The same rules apply, it’s totally self service, don’t ask the admins to create the post, you can do it all, including adding images yourself.
Remember to change the category to For Sale to have the posts show up here (any posts showing up in the main news feed will be moved)

Mark the item as sold (by adding [sold] to the title to avoid wasting people’s time.

If you don’t have an account or need a password reset, email and I’ll sort that out for you (all the internal account management features have been disabled due to spammers)

Website update

I’ve been able to restore the website from a backup done in 2020, this means some recent content will be missing, I’m working on restoring that as best as I can.

If you had an account on the website (for using the For Sale section) and it’s now missing, email with your details (callsign, email address and password you want) and I’ll create them again

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