Back in the land of the living!

Hi Everyone,

After what has been WAY too much time, I’m back in the land of the living. Forced off the air by three house moves in three years (don’t ask……), I was hitting all sorts of barriers, neighbours and antenna stress and so packed all my kit away and pretty much went QRT in 2011. I sold all my stuff in 2012.

But the radio bug instilled in me back in 2006 by Bob and Campbell never really went away. My copies of Radcom keep arriving month by month and I keep reading them.

Last week, I pressed the button on some new gear from ML & S and I hope to be back up and running on HF by the end of next week. There’s something about Amateur Radio for me which has never really gone away…….

I promise I’ll try to be better at getting to things and supporting the club than I was last time around and, assuming my compromise antennas are able to do at least something to get me out, I’ll hopefully start to make a few contacts again!

Hoping everyone’s really well!

Best wishes,

David MM0XDG


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  1. Welcome back David….. yes had heard through the grapevine about some of your trials and tribulations…not good.
    Well we still meet in the Thorntree on the 1st Friday so would love to see you pop down and then we can all catch up with your gossip. You know where we are if you have any queries.

    Catch up with you soon and welcome back.

    Bob GM4UYZ

  2. Nice to hear from you again David

  3. Great to hear from you again David, most of the website conversation has now moved to our Facebook group at to head on over there and join up where the action is!

  4. Great news it’ll be lovely to hear you back on the air David!

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