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Antenna Length Calculator

We all know how much Bob likes a spreadsheet, so here’s one that may be of interest to the club.

I have encountered the problems of trying to adjust antennas to the resonant frequency,

I decided to apply my maths skills and have come up with the attached.

Basically, you enter a number of values for;

Target Frequency

Frequency you want to be resonant at and if your antenna is ¼, ½ or whatever

You then take some vswr readings, and from there, it calculates the amount you need to increase, or decrease the antenna length.

Keith MM0KTC

Antenna Length Calc (10.4 KB) 144 Downloads

Summer Solstice Activity Night

2013 Summer Soltice All Submitted Logs (39.1 KB) 1207 Downloads

Problem with the forums

I’m sorry but I’ve had to temporarily disable the gallery as the lastest update conflicts with the bbPress forum

I’m sure a fix will be rolled out shortly and I’ll enable the gallery as soon as I get the fix.

Terrible radio joke

Just heard on Radio 4 Extra: Two antennae got married – the wedding was rubbish but the reception was incredible. (groan…). Jamie

white van con men in area/phone con

white van con men

this is a warning to alert members that over the last few weeks there have been seen a van with several cold callers offering roof /building work at rip off prices

if seen call the police with any details that you can get :- reg number any markings


phone con

phone call from person with all your details telling you you have a policy /inheratence etc

that will need courioured to you at a cost of £xxx  if you will purchase a money transfer

of course all that happens is you loose £xxx

both the above warnings came from a police source

if you receive a call please get as much info and pass to the number below


if you dont know the police contact number (01313113131 ask for assistance desk )




Website layout

After some discussion with Cambell and Bob the other night about how the website looks, I've made some changes to bring the news posts to the front while keeping the forum posts visible in the sidebar.

Let me know which style you like better (news and photos or forum centric)

There is a limit to the amount of changes I can make to the layout using the existing theme (there are many others I haven't tried)